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I was away most of Summer but had a few portrait photography sessions between my holidays in Poland and a trip to Belgium Gent. I’m posting here my few favourite shots from the portrait photo shoot with Monika. We had a lot of fun that day! It was the first time that I drove myself to Dublin, first time I got to find parking in the city centre. After that the photo shoot felt like pure pleasure to be a photographer for Monika, one of my favourite clients ever. We have the same name, the same zodiac sign and we even chose identical wedding rings… amazing… So enjoy the photos.



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Get a cool headshot in Dublin!

Till the end of March 2014 I will be running special offer for the head shot photography in Dublin: 2 h session only €99!  During 2 hours session I will spend some time coaching you about your angles, how to place your body and your head to create the best angle for you, we will take some test shots and look at them on the screen and then I will keep shooting till we have enough material to choose from. Each client receives 3 retouched photographs of their choice in high resolution, plus the resized copies for the their website, Facebook profile, FB cover photo, Linked-in profile etc. More retouched photos are available for additional 10 euro each,  make-up is also available and it’s 30 euro. To book the session please contact me at 085 1656279


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Maliha and Farhad’s Wedding

IMG_5158aI am so late with this post but life has been crazy last couple of months, so much going on in my photography business, the weather is getting nicer so more outdoor shoots are on the plate… anyway: At the end of last year one of my son’s friends decided to get married at the age of 18 and she was looking for a professional photographer for her wedding.  So at the end of December we were invited to shoot and film a very special event, a Bangladesh wedding party! Wedding photography is one of the most difficult and demanding types of photography and combines event photography, fashion photography and portrait photography. Plus there is no chance to try a few times so a photographer has to master the light and adjust to changing light conditions very fast.

This was a very unique experience to see all those beautiful outfits and touching Bangladesh  wedding rituals.  We were working under pressure, the house even though quite big but still was too small for all the crowd that showed up! Everyone wanted to party so our photo session lasted maybe 20 minutes but It was so much fun! Here’s a few shots from a very short session and another few from the party. You can find more examples of my wedding photography here.

Bangladesh Wedding ♦


IMG_5048.JPGIMG_5054.JPGIMG_5070blue - Copy.JPGIMG_5102.JPGIMG_5113.JPGIMG_5116 - Copy.JPGIMG_5117.JPGIMG_5122.JPGIMG_5128.jpgIMG_5138a.jpgIMG_5152.jpgIMG_5154a.jpgIMG_5159.jpgIMG_5161.JPGIMG_5176.JPGIMG_5178.JPGIMG_5184.JPGIMG_5195a.jpgIMG_5195blue1.jpgIMG_5196a.jpgIMG_5197a.jpgIMG_5198.jpgIMG_5204a.jpgIMG_5215.JPGIMG_5222.JPGIMG_5226.JPGIMG_5241 - Copy.JPGIMG_5243.JPGIMG_5249.JPGIMG_5319.jpgIMG_5368.JPGIMG_5388.JPG

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