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Students of National College of Ireland

IMG_9688Last Saturday we had a lot of fun shooting some pictures to promote a Charity Fashion Show organised by students of NCI in aid of ISPCC in association with Cocoa Brown and FM104. Make up and styling was done mostly by students and my friend Louise Kaiser, we were shooting inside NCI premises. I was hoping for a few outdoor shots but the rain was to heavy. But we found a lovely light in a hall and great space in the basement, check out yourself!

IMG_9322A.jpgIMG_9355.jpgIMG_9688.jpgIMG_9699A.jpgIMG_9678.jpgIMG_9716a.jpgIMG_9751.jpgIMG_9626.jpgmonochrom.jpgIMG_9583.jpgIMG_9572.jpgIMG_9598 - Copy.jpgIMG_9432.jpgIMG_9398.jpgIMG_9367.jpgIMG_9405.jpgIMG_9427.jpgIMG_9452.jpgIMG_9455.jpgIMG_9673.jpgIMG_9480.jpgIMG_9481 - Copy.jpg

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Soul portraits


After 2 years of my  adventure as a photographer – would like to write the word “mastered” but I’d rather say…I can  manage the technology to be able to capture what I see.. And what I see in people is not what someone else would see. We are all so different and unique. At the beginning we have to learn and the best way to learn is to imitate others. After we can figure out how they did what they did and imitate it – we learn the next skill and the next and the next. But one day it’s the time to take off the training wheels and be you..

IMG_1432bI tried a few things along my journey of discovery. I started with what  I think now  is the most difficult – event photography. I picked the hardest light conditions that exist on Earth. Sugar Club, Burlesque Social Club Nights with constantly blinking colourful lights and moving targets.  Crazy – but with half automatic modes and a little help from my friends I started to panic less and produce more. Wonderful learning curve.. After a few months of tormenting myself I decided to take on a course and I signed up to a Fashion Photography Course with Rick Tylor. Amazing experience! I definitely recommend it.. After the graduation project which was one of the most amazing and fun photo shoots ever we had an exhibition in Good Bits Venue.. my first one, I was so excited! 🙂 I am using the prints to decorate my house at the moment, still my favourite shots ever.. We brought 2 collage girls who never modelled before, all my wardrobe and accessories and had more fun that you can imagine! One of the guys turned to be a very experienced make-up artist and hair stylist which made things way easier..


I tried a few more things, commercial photography for a start up business, product photography, group sessions for Ballet School, weddings, communions, I used to work with models teaching them how to model, also I did a few catwalk trainings.. But none of those things made me feel really complete and fulfilled so I decided to take a break and step back for a while.  So I moved back to my origins, healing and coaching that has been my passion like forever and decided to stick with the portrait photography mostly because this is something that brings me a lot of fun and comes naturally… And one day I offered a photo session to a fabulous woman I met during one of the Access Consciousness Bars Class. She came over from Galway and we had an amazing day together with make-over and photoshoot.. Few days later I received an e-mail from her:

“Dear dIMG_5745aarling Monika, thank you so much.  I’m so excited about the photos! My sister  has seen them and all she said is WOW and she never says WOW!!!! how does it get any better than that?   I shall now go through them slowly and tell you the ones I like the best..Thank you again for such a lovely day, experience and for changing my belief of how I look.” 

So here it goes, that’s my gift. I have always known it somewhere deep inside that I can contribute to someone’s life in a deeper way than just by taking photos..  I know I’m able to make people feel comfortable with themselves, with being photographed even if they hate it at the beginning, even if they are very conscious of the way they look.. That is my gift and that is what I want to share with my clients from now on…

You can find more examples of my portrait photography here.





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