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Xclusive People – journey of discovery

Last Spring a thought came to my mind that it was time to have a publication! So I asked the Universe: what would it take to publish some of my photography  in a nice, high quality magazine? Immediately I thought of Peter, the chief editor of Xclusive Magazine. I met him before, during Miss Ethnic contest and I had a chance to work with Miss Ethnic Monika Klinavičiūtė on the interview for Xclusive so I was hoping for a positive response 🙂 Together with my beautiful and creative friend Louise Kaiser we came up with the idea of interviewing people that come from different minorities and are in some way the contribution to Ireland. We thought their stories could be inspiring for other people here who have something to contribute but are to shy or not confident enough to go out there… We met with Peter, presented our project and he gave us the green light! That’s how the Xclusive People column was born…

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Xclusive People covers the stories of a series of ethnic minorities living in Ireland, they discuss their reasons for coming to Ireland, their dreams, their aspirations and the passion and the determination they have that is making those dreams come true. We follow them on their  as they represent the one in five people living in Ireland now who were born outside the state. Within the space of a decade Ireland has become a significantly more diverse and cosmopolitan country because of ethnic minorities, they came here to make new lives and in doing so they have made a huge contribution to this emerald Isle and effectively transforming themselves into the new Irish.

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Miss Ethnic Ireland

Last year around this time I was getting ready for the Miss Ethnic Contest organised by Ifrah Ahmed and United Youth of Ireland! I had an honour to run the catwalk classes for contestants and models for FGM Fashion Show that took place during the event. That was an absolutely amazing experience for me and I am deeply grateful to Ifrah to invite me to work with her team… Working with young people and creating the change is incomparable with any other experience I have had so far…

Miss Ethnic Ireland is an annual beauty contest founded in 2009 Each time this event brings together young people from all over Ireland, many of whom are recent migrants. Miss Ethnic highlight gender based violence and harmful traditional practices especially FGM in a non-threatening environment. Miss Ethnic Ireland pageants celebrate women of all sizes, shapes and cultures. Previous events have combined speakers, live music, DJs, a fashion show, conference speakers on a wide range of topics and an opportunity for young people to meet and socialise. Each time gathering more than 300 people with several politicians, ambassadors and Dublin City Mayor representatives. Miss Ethnic Ireland is intended to encourage young women from ethnic minorities fulfil their dreams. Over the last two years this unique event has becomes more than a simple contest. The organisers incorporated into it FGM Ambassadors elections inviting speakers who highlights this problems in particular to ethnic minorities.

To find more information and the interview with Monika Klinaviciute, current Miss Etnic Ireland follow this link

Miss Ethnic 2012 is happening on the 25th of November! To mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and to celebrate the (FGM) Bill passed through the SeanadÉ ireann (Irish Senate). Based on the success of previous fashion shows organised by Ifrah Ahmed, the Ifrah Foundation decided to mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, 25 November 2011 by organizing a brief conference and fashion show event. The event aimed to raise awareness of FGM, in particular the status of the yet-to-be-introduced Criminal Justice (Female Genital Mutilation) Bill 2011 introduced by the former Minister for Health and Children.


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Where do I come from?

Hi Guys,

Today I want to share some of my background.. I believe that everything that we have ever done in our lives, even if we perceive it as bad, wrong – all the experiences are valuable and if we look back at our childhood and early years all our gifts and talents are showing there somewhere so if you are looking for something to express yourself in, business to start – look back. That's where you can find the whole lot of valuable informations about.. YOU! And YOU is important. It's the place where you want to create from. Fro who you ARE not from who YOU ARE NOT. Even if you tried many things and they didn't work or you perceived them as failure – drop this judgement for a while and think about that: what if everything what you have ever done was done on purpose, what if all the choices you made were the RIGHT choices?.. And now is the time to put it all together and create something that will be aligned with YOU! And there's a chance it it going to work! Read my story..

Me on (the right) with my best friend licking salt off the chairs in Wieliczka Salt MinesI was born in Poland and from my early years I was having this drive to be financially independent. Both of my parents were teachers so we were living a modest life in 2 bed flat in the multi storey block and the wages were paying for the flat, bills and food but not much was left. I never had fancy clothes or even a Barbie doll – probably that's why I like to style models so much! 🙂 I started working at the age of 16, teaching kids English, really loved earning my own money… I always thought there must be something more that 2 rooms in a block…

I didn't get to any fancy university, got married and had a a child when I was 21. Few months after that I started my crazy “career” path: I was a waitress, a kitchen help, a child minder, receptionist.. Like most of us.. My first real job was in a electrical goods factory. 1 month after I started working there I was promoted to became a team leader and had 40 people in my crew! I was earning 5 times more than my first husband even though I completely and totally didn't know what I was doing! Had no experience and no education – all I had was my intuition and my gifts to lead and guide people. I loved this job, I cared for my people and I was always on their side. They worked very hard because they loved me back 🙂 I felt like I was on the mission! Then after the company collapsed and I had no job for a while I was helping my friend to create a modelling school and worked there as a catwalk coach, I also tried my luck as a model myself at the age of 28 and imagine that: with my big nose, floppy tummy and no hight at all I was not only photo modelling but I was also walking in shows and making money from it! Believe me, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! I got this fashion industry bug for life!! 🙂

I was working as an assistant manager for a few years and studying Marketing and Management at the same time. In 2007 I got diploma and right after that I moved to Ireland with my second husband… That's the end of my Polish story.. I'm going to share some of my Irish story and my path to discovering ME and creating Foltman Productions…Watch this space!

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Introduction: I am a conscious entrepreneur

Hi guys,

It’s my first post here so I guess it would be good to introduce myself in a few words. And the first difficulty shows up already: I am not a girl of a few words! I talk a lot and I write a lot so if you can’t cope with is maybe it’s the time to run away from this blog!

Did you decide to keep reading? Great! So here it goes!

So my name is Monika Foltman and I am. I will leave it like that for the moment.. Because it is so hard for me to say who I am and what I do in one word or one phrase. And everybody is telling me that I HAVE TO name myself, label myself, describe what I do and name it and if I don’t name it it won’t sell. So hard to find this one word or phrase! The idea of doing it is not very tempting to me, I need no label!! So putting all of what it’s me to one name or phrase is my challenge for today, not so tempting for me but at the same time it may make things easier for my clients to actually know who I am 🙂

So let’s start from what I do for living: I am a photographer, coach, make-up artist, free lance consultant for start up entrepreneurs. In my free time I am a singer performer, it’s my passion and hobby.. I am also a huge fan of self development and holistic practices, I have been exploring this area for the last 17 years! How to put it in one name? How about that: I am a CONSCIOUS ENTREPRENEUR. I am here to serve you so if you need any of the services I offer please contact me! Whatever it is: photography, video recording or consultation – for ex. how to start, promote and run your business here in Ireland or how to make yourself look beautiful or how to walk in heels… I will share my experience and useful contacts with you!

If you want to check my work go to galleries. All the recent project are always posted on our official Facebook page

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