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Get a cool headshot in Dublin!

Till the end of March 2014 I will be running special offer for the head shot photography in Dublin: 2 h session only €99!  During 2 hours session I will spend some time coaching you about your angles, how to place your body and your head to create the best angle for you, we will take some test shots and look at them on the screen and then I will keep shooting till we have enough material to choose from. Each client receives 3 retouched photographs of their choice in high resolution, plus the resized copies for the their website, Facebook profile, FB cover photo, Linked-in profile etc. More retouched photos are available for additional 10 euro each,  make-up is also available and it’s 30 euro. To book the session please contact me at 085 1656279


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Students of National College of Ireland

IMG_9688Last Saturday we had a lot of fun shooting some pictures to promote a Charity Fashion Show organised by students of NCI in aid of ISPCC in association with Cocoa Brown and FM104. Make up and styling was done mostly by students and my friend Louise Kaiser, we were shooting inside NCI premises. I was hoping for a few outdoor shots but the rain was to heavy. But we found a lovely light in a hall and great space in the basement, check out yourself!

IMG_9322A.jpgIMG_9355.jpgIMG_9688.jpgIMG_9699A.jpgIMG_9678.jpgIMG_9716a.jpgIMG_9751.jpgIMG_9626.jpgmonochrom.jpgIMG_9583.jpgIMG_9572.jpgIMG_9598 - Copy.jpgIMG_9432.jpgIMG_9398.jpgIMG_9367.jpgIMG_9405.jpgIMG_9427.jpgIMG_9452.jpgIMG_9455.jpgIMG_9673.jpgIMG_9480.jpgIMG_9481 - Copy.jpg

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Wedding in Killarney Part 1 – Preparations

I never put up those photos because I was not sure I will ever shoot wedding again 😀 This was the first time ever I shot wedding, purely for experience and out of curiosity.. Wedding photography is not as easy as it seams. It’s a combination of event, portrait, family and fashion photography and every shot has to work, especially during the ceremony. Quite stressful.. on a top of that you gotta have good communication skills and some leadership spark too.

We went together with my friend Pawel who was filming the whole thing and we had our friend Marta who was our assistant, but we had to share her between 2 of us. But we had 2 cameras each so I must say it was… interesting . So I’m going to share a few of my favourite shots.. We shot one more wedding that year and you can see it below
Balgladesh Wedding




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Wedding in Killarney Part 2 – Ceremony & mini session

IMG_6906.jpgIMG_0253.jpgIMG_0261a.jpgIMG_6962a.jpgIMG_6961a.jpgIMG_0263.jpgIMG_0283.jpgIMG_0278a.jpgIMG_0270.jpgIMG_6975.jpgIMG_6954.jpgIMG_6965a.jpgIMG_6964.jpgIMG_6973.jpgc83-IMG_0297.jpgc43-IMG_0293.jpgIMG_0302.jpgc96-IMG_0299.jpgc1-IMG_0315b.jpgc13-IMG_0318.jpgc80-IMG_0317.jpgc99-IMG_0329a.jpgc85-IMG_0322.jpgIMG_0384 - Copy.jpgc87-IMG_0342.jpgc88-IMG_0340.jpgc73-IMG_0355.jpgc24-IMG_0357.jpgc36-IMG_0349.jpgc100-IMG_0375.jpgc63-IMG_0361a.jpgc90-IMG_0361b.jpgIMG_0370a - Copy.jpgIMG_7026b - Copy.jpgIMG_7027b - Copy.jpgIMG_7029a - Copy.jpgIMG_7030a - Copy.jpgIMG_7032a - Copy.jpg

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